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Description: Botox® is a diluted form of Botulinum toxin.
When it is given as small painless injections into the facial muscles it blocks the signal from the nerve to the muscles causing them to relax. This relaxation results in a softened and sometimes (only if desired) a total elimination of facial lines.

Procedure: Botox® is most effective in three main areas of the upper face; wrinkles around the eyes (crow’s feet); horizontal forehead lines; and the vertical frown lines above the bridge of the nose. Accurate dosing and precise positioning is essential to relax the right wrinkles just enough. Treatment is quick (15-30mins) and the effects can be seen within 1-2 weeks.

Safety: Botox® has been used since 1973 and is licensed for many medical conditions ranging from cerebral palsy /stroke/irritable bladder problems to cosmetic aesthetics. It has an excellent safety profile with few and rare side effects.

Duration: Botox® takes 2-3 days before one can notice the effects. Full effect of treatment is achieved by 2 weeks. The beneficial results typically last for 3-4 months or longer (up to about a year after several repeated treatments of Botox®). Botox® has a preventative action reducing the appearance of wrinkles by causing ’hibernation’ of the relaxed muscles.

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