Leg thread vein treatment

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Description: Visible thread veins or ’spider veins’ on the legs are a common ageing problem, affecting 50% of the population. They can be treated successfully by sclerotherapy.

Procedure: A free consultation is offered before booking treatment to fully assess the nature of the veins. Dr Crockett will also explain the rationale behind wearing compression hosiery which may be recommended in some cases to be worn for several days immediately after treatment. Measurement will be done at the initial consultation. The actual treatment involves tiny injections of a safe substance which causes the affected veins to close and eventually fade over a period of time. Initially the area appears more inflammed as the process of superficial vein collapse evolves.

Safety: The procedure is extremely safe. Occasional side effects may occur in the form of haemosiderin deposition (brown pigmentation which fades after 6-18 months) and telangiectasic matting (a mat of tiny veins which usually disappear after 6-12 months). Other risks are extremely rare but include allergic reaction and blistering.

Duration: Sclerotherapy involves a process of healing and more than one treatment may be necessary to achieve complete disappearance. Veins fade after successful treatment over a 3 month period and in most cases remain so for many years.