“As a now 48 year old professional woman with two teenage daughters to think about in terms of the example I set for them, I have been a loyal and deeply satisfied client of Lindsey’s for ten years. My decision to choose Lindsey was clear and easily made. I want the reassurance of receiving treatment from a clinically qualified, highly ethical practitioner in whose hands I felt safe and confident of her good judgement to keep the outcome looking as natural as possible.

Ten years of continued service speaks volumes in terms of my gratefully endorsing all that she sets out to offer her clients.

An additional bonus is the delight of the consultation to catch up and check on the life of a lady who is inspiring in many ways.  Oria Raram March 2018

“Thank you so much Dr Lindsey for yet again making me feel younger than my years. The botox you gave me is just perfect and my lines as usual have magically disappeared….I always leave your clinic 100% satisfied and delighted!! I would and have highly recommended you to all my friends and family. Not only are you professional you are such a lovely person who always puts me at ease”.   Mrs C February 2018

“I had some deep lines on my forehead and decided to do something about it. I made an appointment with Dr Crockett who clearly explained the procedure and after care, answered all my questions and gave me some literature to read. Once I decided to go ahead with the treatment, I was quite astonished with the results. Much better than I had expected. She even corrected my uneven eyebrows!”
Sally Borage February 2018

“‘just to say oh my Goodness a miracle has happened, I have been totally dry under my arms since day 3 after having botox for hyperhidrosis. Thankyou so much. No pain, no problems afterwards. It is amazing. I’ve entered the 2nd half of my wardrobe. Thankyou so much”
Mary Deaner December 2017

“After 3 years of concern, I was able to get up in the morning, look in the mirror and see a difference in my face. No more wrinkles in my forehead. I feel so happy and young. I feel different and confident. Thank you so much Dr Lindsey for this amazing, professional job with excellent results”
Catherine Sarking August 2017

“After quitting smoking and feeling my age I really felt I wanted to have a face lift. A friend recommended Helibimedical Aesthetics to me to try some botox® and filler first before doing something as drastic as a facelift. In October 2005 I had some botox® in my forehead and some filler in my top lip. Not only did I look better it gave me back my confidence and I felt so much happier. Friends and collegues at work did not know what I had done but said how well I looked and that my skin looked good. I have since had top ups and would say it was the best thing I ever did.”
Jackie Newman 2016

“My wife would often tell me that I look angry all the time as I had deep frown lines (I think it was because I play lots of squash!) I decided to find out about Botox® after discovering Helibimedical Aesthetics at our health club. I was put at great ease by the doctor after being given lots of information and I felt confident to go ahead. That was a year ago and I was so impressed with the result that I have top ups every 4-5 months.”
Castle Thompson 2013

“I do not know why it took me so long to have botox and filler. My face feels and looks lovely, I feel great, I love it. You don’t have to worry because everything is explained really well and I can call the doctor if I ever have any questions”
Jane Curtail 2009